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To learn how to create a bucket, see the Creating storage buckets guide.

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For general information on bucket naming, see the Bucket and Object Naming Guidelines. Cloud Storage considers bucket names that contain dots to be domain names. As such, a bucket containing a dot in its name must:. Examples of valid domain-named buckets include example. To create a bucket that uses a domain name, you must establish that you are authorized to use the domain name.

People authorized to use a domain name include:. Note, however, that if a domain has both types of people, only verified owners of the domain or parent domain can create the bucket. This allows the domain owners to tightly control who can create domain-named buckets. For example, say you have an IT staff member who owns the website that uses http: Once they go through verification of that site, they can create buckets such as reports.

However, if you later verify that you own the domain example. Since you verified the domain example. If your project intends to have a domain-named bucket, the team member creating the bucket must demonstrate that they are authorized to create a bucket in the given domain.

Cloud Storage uses the Domain name provider method in the Search Console to verify domain ownership. Open Search Console. You must be signed in with the Google account that you will to use to manage ownership of your domain. In the Domain pane, enter the domain or sub-domain that you want to verify, and click Continue. Follow the instructions that appear in the pane Verify domain ownership via DNS record. В области навигации слева щелкните элемент DNS. In the left navigation, click DNS.

You may have to scroll down.

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Choose the Type value from the drop-down list. Выберите Add Добавить. Choose Add. Подождите несколько минут, пока созданная запись не будет обновлена в Интернете. Wait a few minutes before you continue, so that the record you just created can update across the Internet. When Office finds the correct TXT record, your domain is verified. On the Domains page, choose the domain that you are verifying. On the Setup page, choose Start setup.

On the Verify domain page, choose Verify.

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Если вы используете учетную запись электронной почты G Suite, сначала необходимо удалить записи MX, которые с ней связаны. Существующие записи MX для G Suite препятствуют добавлению каких-либо других записей MX, включая те, которые требуются для использования Office Обратите внимание, что при удалении записей для G Suite учетная запись G Suite не удаляется. Чтобы удалить записи MX для G Suite, выполните указанные ниже действия. If you have a G Suite email account, you must first delete the MX records associated with that account.

Note that deleting the G Suite records does not delete your G Suite account. To delete your G Suite MX records, use the following steps. В разделе искусственные записи в области G Suite нажмите кнопку Удалить.

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In the Synthetic records section, in the G Suite area, choose Delete. Возможно, потребуется прокрутить страницу. Щелкните Delete Удалить. Choose Delete. In the Custom resource records section, in the boxes for the new record, type or copy and paste the values from the following table.

Если есть другие настраиваемые записи MX, удалите. If there are any other Custom MX records, remove them. Нажмите кнопку изменить в строке записи MX. Choose Edit in the MX record row. Для каждой из остальных настраиваемых записей MX выберите запись в поле данныеа затем нажмите клавишу Delete на клавиатуре, чтобы удалить эту запись.

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For each of the other Custom MX records, select the entry in the Data box and then press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete that record. Повторяйте эти действия, чтобы удалить содержимое поля Data каждой из лишних записей MX. Continue until you have deleted the Data entry for each of the other MX records. Когда содержимое поля Data каждой записи MX будет удалено, нажмите кнопку Save Сохранитьчтобы сохранить изменения. When you have deleted the Data entry for each of the other MX records, choose Save to save your changes.

В разделе Custom resource records Настраиваемые записи ресурсов в полях для новой записи введите или скопируйте и вставьте значения из первой строки приведенной ниже таблицы. To Register. If the domain name you want to purchase is available, click Add and then click Continue to Registration. In the Domain Registration Information section, enter valid domain name contact information, and pay special attention to the following requirements: For Company Name — enter your legal Company Name and confirm that it is the legal registrant of the domain name.

For Your Title — enter your official job title and confirm that you are the Administrative Contact for the. For Industry Classification — enter the industry type your company falls under. On the Payment page, read the.

Complete the purchase. You might be contacted by the. Third-party job postings i. Non-HR-related uses are not allowed.

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The registrant is responsible for the use of the domain, including to a licensed third party. Additionally, various generic terms and identifiers, such as geographic names major cities, countries, etc.

Employ Media, LLC is the registry for. Neither privacy nor domain name protection are available for. We do not currently support the backorder of. Помогла ли вам эта статья?