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Вроде все было нормально, иногда конечно бывал высокий steal time но на linode так же бы Развернуть вает. Но сегодня перестал работать сайт, а поддержка отвечает только 1 раз в 3 часа. In this paper, an algorithm for resource utilization problem in cloud computing based on greedy method is presented.

A privately-owned cloud that provides services to a huge number of users is assumed. For a given resource, hundreds or thousands of requests accumulate over time to use that resource by different users worldwide via the Internet. A prior knowledge of the requests to use that resource is also assumed. The main concern is to find the best utilization schedule for a given resource in terms of profit obtained by utilizing that resource, and the number of time slices during which the resource will be utilized.

The problem is proved to be an NP-Complete problem. A greedy algorithm is proposed and analyzed in terms of its runtime complexity. The algorithm is implemented using Java.

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Results show good performance with a runtime complexity O F-S nLogn. A Networking Approach to Grid Computing. Explores practical advantages of Grid Computing and what is needed by an organization to migrate to this new computing paradigm.

This self-contained reference makes both the concepts and applications of grid computing clear and understandable to even non-technical managers. Explains the underlying networking mechanism and answers such questions critical to the business enterprise as "What is grid computing? Conference Paper. Steffi Haag Andreas Eckhardt. Based on a structured literature analysis, this review paper takes stock of the current landscape of cloud service research: The descriptive findings show a focus of cloud service studies on private organizations as primary user group of the cloud in the information and communication industry pointing out the lack of cloud service research in the public sector and administrations and the need for e-government specific implications.

Results at the service level further show that the majority of all existing articles refer to infrastructure as a service IaaSplatform as a service PaaS and software as a service SaaS in general and hence, neglect to explicitly specify the particular cloud capability provided.

Comparison of Cloud and Grid Computing. Cloud computing is emerged from internet technology that is distinguished from previous generation of distributed systems i. Grid Computing. Grid Computing and Cloud Computing have similarity and difference in basic components.

In this paper we present a comparison of Grid Computing and Cloud Computing between principles of them. Furthermore, this paper gives insights into the essential characteristics of both. Smart Power Grid and Cloud Computing. As a consequence of rapidly increased CO2 emissions, humanity is facing global warming. Electricity generation accounts for almost half of the emission; besides, conventional electrical production based on fossil fuel is becoming more and more expensive.

One approach to significantly slow down global warming is to drive our society away from the current fossil fuel fiesta and use only renewable power such as solar and wind energy.

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Another approach is to improve the management of energy production, transmission, and distribution. Part of the latter solution is on the supply side, where one possible solution is to develop continent-wide smart power grids and energy storage systems.

However, an equally important part of the solution is on the demand side, where technologies and applications that can work with this type of unpredictable energy consumption are becoming necessary. The smart power grid with new sources of data, fast growth of information, and proactive management requires new strategy for business and operational management. In this paper we discuss how Cloud computing model can be used for developing Smart Grid solutions.

The Cloud computing model is based on the delivery of computing as a service, whereby storage, software and information are provided to computers and other devices as a commodity over the Internet. The advantages of Cloud computing - reduced costs, increased storage, on-demand performance, and better flexibility - have motivated many companies in recent years to move their IT operations to the cloud; the same advantages can be used to achieve the most important future goals of a large-scale Smart Grid, such as energy savings, two-way communication, and demand resource management.

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Cloud Backup Workstation. Cloud Backup Server. Продажа выделенных серверов.

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