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Together, we can make Vietnam a true leader in the tech world. Congratulations to Vulcan Augmetics. Thanks for being our inspiration today. Also, as a fun game try to guess which person on their team is a CoderSchool Machine Learning Alumni!

Vulcan Augmetics started with the core strength of frugal innovation. Frugal innovation is what makes us human. We try to make the simplest of … solution to the complex of problems with the least resources.

When we started there were a lot of skepticism, how will you make technology, how will you manufacture, how will you conduct the same amount of researches as the big players in market, Vietnam is not a frontier in technology, their is less exposure here.

Actually all of that is true, but this gave us the opportunity to learn and grow faster. As we were not bound with the norms or standards that prosthesis in developing countries might have.

We explored, tested and failed a lot of times. Fast forwarding one and a half year, we have developed 8 Hands already, and we have been able to find new unique solutions to the needs of people with disabilities.

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The team comes from all spectrum of engineering Electronics, Computer science, Automation, Mechanical, Mechatronics. All team being selected trained and operating proudly in Vietnam. This amalgam of different streams gives space to endless possibility to innovation and creativity.

One of the key things that the team believes in is that disability doesnt lie in the person himself, it lies in the society which is unable to make them able. We take it on ourselves to research, and develop solutions that can enable them to go full potential and be par or in some case better than an average human being. It will be great of you can share this post with friends and family, and people who can make a difference. Thanks a lot: Follow the journey here: Have questions about being a software engineer?

Come join a cozy, free event to Ask Anything! This Friday we are excited to have Mr. Come for a cozy, casual meeting and ask him any questions. Free beer, pizza, advice, and stories f … rom 6: Sign up for this Free Event at http: Learn more at http: After taking 1 part-time course at CoderSchool, with knowledge and days of practice, Tan got 3 offers from Tech companies which based in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

And he chose Vietnam for a reason. Next month, CoderSchool is going to open a full-time boot-camp, if you desire to change your work or even, your whole career path, come and join us. CoderSchool gave me a strong determination and foundation of knowledge, which make me go further than I could if I just do it on my own", said Huong. Huong chose CoderSchool as CoderSchool will definitely support her to find the best jobs after graduating.

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Python is so easy to learn that your unborn baby should have no problem picking up the basics of waaah-ndas, num-peepee and crykit-learn in this 3-month part-time course. The only prerequisite is having fingers, so any baby 2nd trimester and older are eligible.

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If you do not yet have a baby, we can help you with that too! Our alumni network is full of many who are probably available and eager to help For more information, please visit: TensorFlow has become the world-famous choice for deep learning research.

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TensorFlow Viewing Party workshop that was established by CoderSchool and led by experts, we discussed it. This captured huge attention from our attendees, moreover, they also showed numerous engagements and asked various questions focusing on the point.

The … next section was led by Mr. When an event ended, we were so happy as we got lots of positive feedback for the workshop from our participants.

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This video explains the difference between email hosting and email forwarding. This video shows how to purchase and configure email hosting for your Irish Domains registered domain. Email hosting is included in all Web hosting packages How to use Mandrill and Zoho to absolve your web server of the responsibility to send and receive email and instead delegate this responsibility to these third Get your Domain here: Email hosting tutorial Matt Martinez 2 years ago.

Ladar Levison built an encrypted email service called Lavabit that counted a prominent figure among its users: Edward Snowden. After spending 10 years Email Hosting - CrazyDomains.

Get your very OWN personalised email address yourname yourdomain. Learn how to set up your business email using G Suite by Google goo. In this video, we walk you through step by step how to create your This is a short video going over a project I just finished to prove that a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B new as of February can run a light duty website and low In this video I will explain easy way to migrate email data using cpanel.

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No need to add manual email address. This is fast and easy no problem. In this guide we look at how to set up Shopify email hosting - with your custom domain used on Shopify. Watch this What is Zoho Mail? Zoho mail is one of the Ssas email platform services, is designed for small to medium Self Hosted Email linuxhint 8 months ago. Meet our good friend Derek. Step by step Complete Guide about keyword research. Seo hindi.

How to Promote a Website Bluehost 2 years ago. It takes quite a bit of work!

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This tutorial. Get Free sub Domain. Enjoy It. How to break the lock with the Hammer? WordPress permalinks Adwords keyword Planner Direct: In this video, You can learn about: Get organic search engine traffic for your website with search engine optimzation SEO. Talked about: How to upload website to Godaddy hosting using cPanel simple instruction Danila Max 3 years ago.

How to upload website to Godaddy hosting using cPanel simple instruction! HostGator Coupon: