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Having verified identity, however, you still should always verify the syntax of the received message. Otherwise, a security hole in the site you trusted to send only trusted messages could then open a cross-site scripting hole in your site.

HttpClient SSLException

A malicious site can change the location of the window without your knowledge, and therefore it can intercept the data sent using postMessage. Any window may access this method on any other window, at any time, regardless of the location of the document in the window, to send it a message. Consequently, any event listener used to receive messages must first check the identity of the sender of the message, using the origin and possibly source properties.

This cannot be overstated: Failure to check the origin and possibly source properties enables cross-site scripting attacks. As with any asynchronously-dispatched script timeouts, user-generated eventsit is not possible for the caller of postMessage to detect when an event handler listening for events sent by postMessage throws an exception. The value of the origin property of the dispatched event is not affected by the current value of document.

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For IDN host names only, the value of the origin property is not consistently Unicode or punycode; for greatest compatibility check for both the IDN and punycode values when using this property if you expect messages from IDN sites. The value of the origin property when the sending window contains a javascript: The other properties have their expected values.

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Hosted IP Address: В Java 1. Этот объект не был добавлен до Java 1. Например, bcprov-jdk Эта версия провайдера предназначена для JDK 1. Bouncy Castle предоставляет разные библиотеки для каждого уровня JDK.

У меня была эта проблема некоторое время. У меня получилось нормально работать после обновления с bcprov-jdk14 до bcprov-jdk