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Новые домены верхнего уровня. Зарегистрированные домены являются Вашей интеллектуальной собственностью. В случае смены хостинга, Вы можете перенести свой домен на другой хостинг. Мы предлагаем Вам регистрацию доменов. Чтобы получить более детальную информацию об услугах, оказываемых компанией Coddan, просьба связаться с нами либо посетить наш главный сайт.

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Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами для получения более подробной информации и бесплатной юридической консультации по вопросам регистрации торговых марок и знаков в Англии, США, Европейском Союзе или Регистрации Международных Торговых марок.

Цель регистрации доменных имен состоит в исключении дублирования интернет адресов сайтов. Каждый адрес в сети интернет состоит из нескольких уровней: Хорватия Домены Все.

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Македония Домены Все. Монако Домены Все. Австрия Домены Все. Черногория Домены Все.

Регистрация домена .eu - Зарегистрировать доменное имя .eu | домен

Румыния Домены Все. Норвегия Домены Все. Украина Домены Все. Финляндия Домены Все. Испания Домены Все. Молдава Домены Все. The agreement shall provide that the data shall be held by the escrow agent on the following terms and conditions: Article 16 WHOIS database The purpose of the WHOIS database shall be to provide reasonably accurate and up to date information about the technical and administrative points of contact administering the domain names under the.

The WHOIS database shall contain information about the holder of a domain name that is relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose of the database. In as far as the information is not strictly necessary in relation to the purpose of the database, and if the domain name holder is a natural person, the information that is to be made publicly available shall be subject to the unambiguous consent of the domain name holder.

The deliberate submission of inaccurate information, shall constitute grounds for considering the domain name registration to have been in breach of the terms of registration. Article 17 Names reserved by the Registry The following names shall be reserved for the operational functions of the Registry: Article 18 Improper registrations Where a domain name is considered by a Court of a Member State to be defamatory, racist or contrary to public policy, it shall be blocked by the Registry upon notification of a Court decision and shall be revoked upon notification of a final court decision.

The Registry shall block from future registration those names which have been subject to such a court order for as long as such order remains valid. Article 19 Death and winding up 1. If the domain name holder dies during the registration period of the domain name, the executors of his or her estate, or his or her legal heirs, may request transfer of the name to the heirs along with submission of the appropriate documentation.

During this period the executors or the legal heirs may apply to register the name along with submission of the appropriate documentation. If the heirs have not registered the name during that day period, the domain name shall thereafter become available for general registration. If the domain name holder is an undertaking, a legal or natural person, or an organisation that becomes subject to insolvency proceedings, winding up, cessation of trading, winding up by court order or any similar proceeding provided for by national law, during the registration period of the domain name, then the legally appointed administrator of the domain name holder may request transfer to the purchaser of the domain name holders assets along with submission of the appropriate documentation.

During this period the administrator may apply to register the name along with submission of appropriate documentation. If the administrator has not registered the name during that day period, the domain name shall thereafter become available for general registration. Article 21 Speculative and abusive registrations 1. A legitimate interest within the meaning of point a of paragraph 1 may be demonstrated where: Bad faith, within the meaning of point b of paragraph 1 may be demonstrated, where: The provisions in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 may not be invoked so as to obstruct claims under national law.

Article 22 Alternative dispute resolution ADR procedure 1. An ADR procedure may be initiated by any party where: Participation in the ADR procedure shall be compulsory for the holder of a domain name and the Registry. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, or specified otherwise in the registration agreement between registrar and domain name holder, the language of the administrative proceeding shall be the language of that agreement.

This rule shall be subject to the authority of the panel to determine otherwise, having regard to the circumstances of the case. The complaints and the responses to those complaints must be submitted to an ADR provider chosen by the complainant from the list referred to in the first paragraph of Article That submission shall be made in accordance with this Regulation and the published supplementary procedures of the ADR provider.

As soon as a request for ADR is properly filed with the ADR provider and the appropriate fee is paid, the ADR provider shall inform the Registry of the identity of the complainant and the domain name involved. The Registry shall suspend the domain name involved from cancellation or transfer until the dispute resolution proceedings or subsequent legal proceedings are complete and the decision has been notified to the Registry.

Within 30 working days of the date of receipt of the complaint the respondent shall submit a response to the provider.

Any written communication to a complainant or respondent shall be made by the preferred means stated by the complainant or respondent, respectively, or in the absence of such specification electronically via the Internet, provided that a record of transmission is available. All communications concerning the ADR procedure to the holder of a domain name that is subject to an ADR procedure shall be sent to the address information that is available to the Registrar that maintains the registration of the domain name in accordance with the terms and conditions of registration.

Failure of any of the parties involved in an ADR procedure to respond within the given deadlines or appear to a panel hearing may be considered as grounds to accept the claims of the counterparty. In the case of a procedure against a domain name holder, the ADR panel shall decide that the domain name shall be revoked, if it finds that the registration is speculative or abusive as defined in Article The decision of the ADR panel shall state the date for implementation of the decision.

Decisions of the panel are taken by simple majority. The alternative dispute panel shall issue its decision within one month from the date of receipt of the response by the ADR provider.

The decision shall be duly motivated. The decisions of the panel shall be published. Within three working days after receiving the decision from the panel, the provider shall notify the full text of the decision to each party, the concerned registrar s and the Registry. The decision shall be notified to the Registry and the complainant by registered post or other equivalent electronic means.

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The results of ADR shall be binding on the parties and the Registry unless court proceedings are initiated within 30 calendar days of the notification of the result of the ADR procedure to the parties. Article 23 Selection of providers and panellists for alternative dispute resolution 1.

The Registry may select ADR providers, who shall be reputable bodies with appropriate expertise in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner. A dispute which is submitted to the ADR procedure shall be examined by arbitrators appointed to a panel of one or three members.

The panellists shall be selected in accordance to the internal procedures of the selected ADR providers. They shall have appropriate expertise and shall be selected in an objective, transparent and non-discriminatory manner.

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Each provider shall maintain a publicly available list of panellists and their qualifications. A panellist shall be impartial and independent and shall have, before accepting appointment, disclosed to the provider any circumstances giving rise to justifiable doubt as to their impartiality or independence.

If, at any stage during the administrative proceedings, new circumstances arise that could give rise to justifiable doubt as to the impartiality or independence of the panellist, that panellist shall promptly disclose such circumstances to the provider.

In such event, the provider shall appoint a substitute panellist. This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States. Done at Brussels, 28 April Ваш домен. Продлить домен. Продление 1 Год 1 Перенос Вашего домена. Продление 1 Год Как работает процесс перемещения домена?

Убедитесь в корректности указанного адреса электронной почты для административного контакта admin в базе данных Whois для Вашего домена. При осуществлении перемещения домена, оба регистратора будут использовать этот адрес электронной почты для пересылки важной информации о производимом трансфере. Если электронный адрес является некорректным, свяжитесь со своим текущим регистратором для его исправления. Разблокируйте Ваше доменное имя. Получите код авторизации также известный как EPP код или код трасфера у Вашего текущего регистратора, если это необходимо.

Некоторые расширения доменных имен, как правило национальные домены верхнего уровня ccTLDне требуют такого кода авторизации. Дайте разрешение на начало перемещения доменного имени. При поддержке Домен. Оставайтесь в курсе информации о доменах.

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