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Отличный хостинг, брал впс, и сервер, очень хорошая цена за такое качество и.

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Особенно радует. Рекомендую. Заказал VDS. Порадовала практически моментальная активация заказа. А саппорт был просто на высшем уровне! Работаю с этой командой уже лет 6 наверное. Индивидуальный подход. Отдельный респект Салу ; Рекомендую. Our company was founded in by two young and ambitious guys. Time passed, we continued to grow. We began to manage servers as a small team, and as a result we provide dedicated servers with free support and the creation of complex software With VPS Hosting, you have complete isolation.

This means that no matter what other users might We have automated installation process configured, so if you choose to buy cPanel for your Toggle navigation. Cloud Servers Accelerate your applications with Cloud Servers. Dedicated Servers Power, storage, bandwidth, flexibility.

Domains Register Register your domain name. More than extensions available.

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Webmin Servers Index. Webmin Users. Bootup and Shutdown. Change Passwords. Disk and Network Filesystems. Filesystem Backup. Initial System Bootup. Log File Rotation. PAM Authentication. Running Processes.

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Scheduled Commands. Scheduled Cron Jobs.

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Software Packages. System Documentation. System Logs. Users and Groups. Apache Webserver. Procmail Mail Filter. Read User Mail. SSH Server. Command Shell. Custom Commands. File Manager. HTTP Tunnel.

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Perl Modules. Protected Web Directories. System and Server Status.

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Upload and Download. Bandwidth Monitoring. Internet Services and Protocols. Linux Firewall. NIS Client and Server.

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Network Configuration. TCP Wrappers. Logical Volume Management. Partitions on Local Disks.

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Printer Administration. Cluster Change Passwords. Cluster Copy Files. Cluster Cron Jobs. Cluster Shell Commands. Cluster Software Packages. Cluster Usermin Servers. Cluster Users and Groups. Cluster Webmin Servers. Un-used Modules. ADSL Client. Bacula Backup System. CD Burner. CVS Server. Configuration Engine.

DHCP Server. Disk Quotas. Extended Internet Services. Fetchmail Mail Retrieval. Frox FTP Proxy.