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Sign up. Веб-хостинг FAQ. What is web hosting? Web hosting means a server which hosts sites and web pages.

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Instead of web hosting, words host and hosting are used. In order to select type of web hosting service for your domain, what criteria should I consider? Select the space on the basis of site volume files, database etc. In case your site has many visitors or will have heavy traffic in the future, pay attention to the dedicated bandwidth, pay attention to resources dedicated to hosting plan in terms of design and programming of your site and programming languages which you have used are supported in hosting plancompatibility of the site with operating system of hosting service etc.

Can I prepare facilities in higher hosting services?

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This is not necessarily the same as the IP-address hosting the service. JAP - also called JonDoa rarely used and relatively small anonymizing network.

If the type designation is followed by an asterisk, this means that the IP-address is known in the database with multiple types. The type is shown with the most recent confirmed date.

If the indication is Now! This can only be accomplished for "normal" open proxies. Источник — https: Mailing Lists - The number of allowed mailing lists.

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Hosting package - The name of the hosting package your account is assigned to on the server. Server Name - The name of the server your account resides on. Theme - Current theme for your cPanel configuration. Apache version - Version of Apache running on the web server.

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What does unlimited hosting mean? When you purchase an unlimited hosting plan, we provide you with Toggle navigation. Client Area. What hosting control panel do you offer?