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Введите ваш Email, чтобы отправить отзыв. Добавить отзыв. To make the experience of HostAdvice users better we collect next information about reviewer: Русский 0 English 2. Отзывов о Volact Web Hosting на русском еще нет, если вы имели дело с их сервисом, пожалуйста, станьте первым, кто напишет отзыв на русском. Показать отзывы на другом языке. Возможности Цены Надежность Техподдержка Скорость. Рейтинг Volact Web Hosting Надежность 8.

Обзор эксперта пока не переведен на ваш язык. Pricing Reasonable Price Points Volact. No Trials. Расположение серверов Хьюстон. Volact Web Hosting. Нужна помощь в поиске необходимого хостинга? Ответьте на несколько простых вопросов и узнаете Начать. Не подошел? Пользователи HostAdvice рекоммендуют 14 Bronze Hosting. Silver Hosting. Gold Hosting. VPS 1. VPS 2. VPS 3. VPS 4. VPS 5. VPS 6. I agree with your first point completely!

The most important aspect when choosing the right hosting company is definitely customer service and support. While I know price is an important factor for a lot of bloggers and website ownersknowing that your web hosting company is both competent and available can relieve a lot of stress and worry. Enjoy your day! Thanks for dropping by. Last timeprice was always an issue but as time passes byI realized that I need more service and support especially when I have very limited knowledge in IT.

Glad I figured that out even though it took a few years. Take care and enjoy your week! Hostgator and Dreamhost.

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LatelyI have been thinking about getting a Reseller Hosting Service when my contract with Hostgator is finished this year. YeahI have Hostgator right now and loved them!!!! I never have experience downtime with Hostgator.

They keep my site up And …. Talk about a hosting serviceI was just with Hostgator this morning.

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Pretty happy with them. And of course customer support is number one with me. Planning on hosting my clients on these.

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Great for newbies!! Have a great weekendbuddy!! How have you been? You really had a blast with HostGator huh? I do experience downtime with them but mostly due to server overload. You knowduring peak timesholidays and stuffs. I an using Baby Plan as well and that is good!

Lovely indeed and the price is definitely something to consider! Thanks for dropping by and take care! Thanks for dropping by and you are most welcome. Their service is good and no issues until lately with the few down times. Interesting tips Reginald. I have gone through bitter experiences before coming to settle on HostGator. My first host was an Indian host. This looks interesting but other services were down right below acceptable limit. I have not had any major issues with HostGator since Hey matehow are you?

I asked for refund twice! I settled then with HostGator and several more down the road. Service is vital and recentlymy site is having issue of 4 sec loading speed. Hey broSuch issues — slownessis common with shared hosting. An ideal solution is either going for a dedicated server or go for a CDN solution. Thanks mate for the reply. Actually I am running on premium WordPress hosting. It was okay 2 weeks back. I was like loading less than 1 second back then but this few daysI am loading like a whopping 4 seconds or more per page.

That is weird. Even my hosting company is checking on this as we speak. Oh man. I have to say that you are right on with finding a provider with great customer service! I find that many of the more popular shared services are pretty similar. They all have good up timecustomer service etc. This just made me want to share that there is a little spike in Hacks with shared hosting services. After you find the right hosting service the next step is to find some really good security solutions.

Well said. The biggest issue I have seen is bloggers try to download those cracked or hack paid plugins. That is bad for security and should never do that! Thanks for taking the time to comment and appreciate that mate. I stayed with hostmonster for so many years because they have been helpful to me. Customer support is kindtimely and quite knowledgeableso when things go South I have support in place. How are you my dear friend? Sorry I am late! HostMonster … heard about it but yet to try.

Will try it out soon since I have a massive project coming. Yep buddy I totally agree with you there Ryan!

So glad I could Help and I am sure you are happy with them now! Still early days and all that! Contact our Sales Department over email sales supportindeed. Make sure you describe question s in the most descriptive way to ensure our best understanding of your necessity.

If you are already a client of ours and need to ask about your payment or request any other financial information stress on them within an email to us.

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Marketing researches show that Live Chat with a Sales Person on the other side is the way sixty to seventy percent of all people prefer if it comes to pre-sales questions.

Although you chat with Sales Person you can ask for technical parameters and details of the services we offer. If you come up to a problem that needs quick help e. Live chat is not where you can ask for technical help about your web site or web hosting, domain, server or ssl control panel.

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Contact Sales Department over telephone line.