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Abdl mind control

This is erotic fiction written by adults for adults, and all the mind in the story are adults.

Mature Content

Sometimes in fiction, people do bad things. Only napster porn control would take anything written here as a reflection of reality or the author's views on morality.

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Author's note: They will all see the light of day eventually. Rosie woke up at 5am to a 'Barbie Girl' alarm clock in her newly decorated pink room.

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She imagined that Aika's dorm had likely control identical modifications next door. She felt quite calm, perhaps even serene.

Maybe it was the good night's sleep, or maybe this was just herself gradually getting used to not having agency. But strangely enough, it felt like Almost as if something deep within was reassuring her that this was all meant to be.

When Diapered Revenge Backfires by Cowkites on DeviantArt

Sitting up to avoid leaking, Rosie indulged in a morning tinkle. She didn't even abdl at that moment mind her toilet was locked shut - she just abdl to use her diaper for convenience and that tingly, fuzzy feeling that comes from the warmth spreading around one's crotch and down behind the butt. Rosie knew that she was still being watched, but she was kind of used to this by this point.