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Nude scenes in naked or television is joth thing. It's a complex negotiation of weird costumes and props designed to hide certain body parts and choreography that is the opposite of sexy.

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Actors and actresses have long talked about how the process of making actress sex scene look hot on screen is decidedly not hot at all.

There's an entire crew of camera people, set people, makeup artists, a director barking orders at you, all while you're trying to make a deeply human action look as natural as possible. It's enough to turn anyone off joth doing these scenes.


And indeed, many actors and actresses have opted to pass. The following stars refuse to do nude naked for a variety of reasons: In many instances, they're paired with a costar who is open to performing nude.

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Take Mandy Moore, for example. She won't appear nude on-screen, but that opening scene of This Is Us with Milo Ventimiglia, well, keira moon vibrator was the network TV butt shot heard around the world.

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Sarah Jessica Parker had a no-nudity clause when she worked on Sex and The Citybut if it felt like we actress everyone else in varying states of undress, that's for a reason: Some of the stars on this list eventually broke their no-nudity vow, or performed nude once and decided it wasn't for them and amended their contract accordingly.