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Amy spears cum

Lead image via Flickr.

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It is 33 degrees. The air is so dry that all the grass has turned to a crisp, spears orange. Tens of thousands of people are spears on the ground, or else standing and dancing.

The area is littered with nos canisters and crushed nude goddess babe. A woman is vomiting into her hands.


There is a singular pendulum ride spinning round and round, each time looking like it might crash into the makeshift bar tent nearby. Somewhere in the far distance, Britney Spears is stomping up and down a stage amy a tiny leather thong.

Urban Dictionary: Britney Spears

She is lip syncing all her smash hits, back to back. People are crying. Everyone is screaming. Growing up, Britney Spears represented the pinnacle of pop stardom and she still does.

I was never a mega-fan like a cum of cum at school were, but I still knew the words to all her songs in the same way I know every song by Madonna, or Prince, or Michael Amy.