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Anal cancer ribbon

Treatment options for anal cancer vary depending on anal and type.

Anal Cancer

The three treatment options for anal cancer include:. The treatment descriptions here are for general information and are based on general guidelines. However, the information on this site does not reflect medical advice. You should talk to your medical provider about the best treatment options for you. On this page we describe the various types of treatment for anal cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as well as emerging therapies.

We cancer talk about treating non-squamous forms of anal cancer, cancer well as providing information on finding support during your treatment, and some helpful information from gif tits redhead experts. The document has a detailed and technical overview of treatment pathways and regimens.

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Experts from these institutions regularly review and update the standard of care for many cancers. These are tumors that arise because of abnormal growth of the squamous cells that line most of the anal canal and anal margin where the anal canal meets the outside skin. It should be noted that estimates of the prevalence of each of these anal cancers vary based on different studies, which is why the numbers we have provided here do not add up.

These types of anal cancer will be discussed in greater detail below.

Cancer Ribbon Colors & Awareness Months

For stages Anal — III, radiation and chemotherapy are the standard protocol and are usually used in conjunction with one another often called 'chemoradiation'. Ribbon chemotherapy and radiation protocols that ribbon been used for decades are known collectively as the Nigro Protocol.

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The Nigro Protocol typically includes several weeks of radiation with two different types of chemotherapy given at the beginning and end of treatment.