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Analingus positions

12 Mind-Blowing Anal Sex Positions

This year is predicted to be the year of the broken tabooparticularly as it pertains to the exploration of anal pleasure. Of course, many people enjoy that very sense of taboo; the idea of doing something naughty and outrageous in the heat of the moment is certainly a valid reason for enjoying any sex act.

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All STIs Sexually Transmitted Infections that can be spread through cunnilingus or fellatio can be spread through rimming, plus a few more that are specific to the act and outlined here in detail. Our advice, beyond having an open conversation with your partner about sexual health and histories, is to employ a positions of the same common-sense advice that we give for all anal play: Washing or scrubbing too vigorously can cause micro-tears that increase your chances of infection. Of course, if either partner has a cut in or around analingus mouth or in the anal region then this act should be put on hold until it heals.

The use of a condom or dental dam with water-based lubrication is a great way to prevent infection, and allow you to analingus from oral-anal stimulation to fellatio or cunnilingus without positions a bacterial infection.

How to Eat Ass Like a Pro

Firstly, it is worth reminding that surprising someone with rimming is generally not a great plan. You can warm up to stimulation by using your well-lubricated finger or fingers to caress the area many people enjoy simultaneous masturbation while their partner goes down on them. Start by licking the perineum the area between the penis or vagina and positions to get your partner used to the sensation. This area is particularly sensitive on the male body, and can bear strong pressure from your tongue.


Now, bring the wetted tip of your tongue heart evangelista sexy the anal opening in swirling or an up-and-down motion. To do so, you simply continue the motions of external stimulation with slight only a analingus centimeters of the tongue within the receiver.

While the analingus position might positions like the best for giving and receiving a rim job, kiana tomxxx are plenty of other positions perfect for beginners.