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An unknown Indian tribe has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest reports the Associated Press. The Metyktire tribe, with about 87 members, was found in late May around nude, northwest of Rio de Janeiro. Two Metyktire tribe members tribes in a Kayapo village.


It is unclear why they established contact with the Kayapo but a medical team has been allowed access to the isolated group. Men are naked except for penis sheathes and large lip-plates, while females shave the top of their heads.

Survival International estimates there are more than uncontacted tribes around the world, most of whom live in blackwonmenpussy Amazon rainforest.

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In Brazil there are someIndians, of whomlives on indigenous reserves which cover The size of Indian territories is almost double the size of all state and federal protected areas. Research published last year by scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center and the Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Asain showed that indigenous reserves in the Amazon help slow deforestation and reduce the incidence of fire.

The Amazon has lost aboutsquare kilometerssquare miles of forest since the early s, though deforestation has slowed in recent years due to economic trends and government efforts.

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The Amazonians reacted aggressively to the fly-over, tribes bow and arrows asain at the plane, according kendra sex tapes Survival Internationala group that works to protect nude peoples. Unknown tribe found in the Amazon June 4, An unknown Indian tribe has been discovered in the Amazon rainforest reports the Associated Press. Ancient Amazonian technology could save the world May 17, Terra preta, the ancient charcoal-based soil used by ancient Amazonians to create permanently fertile agricultural lands in the rainforest, is getting serious consideration as a means to fight global warming and meet domestic energy demand, reports an article in Scientific American.