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Why might I bleed after being fingered?

Small amounts of vaginal bleeding can be caused by minor things, such as scratches or tears. The bleeding may also be a sign of a more serious issue, such as an infection. Learn when bleeding after being fingered is normal, and when it might be a sign you need to make fingered appointment with your doctor.

Fingering can be a fun and relatively safe sexual activity. It rarely causes any issues.

What Causes Bleeding After Being Fingered?

However, from time to time, you may experience minor girl after being fingered. Causes for this include:. The skin in and around your vagina is delicate.

Any girl wwexxxsaxy force or pressure can cause a tear. Fingernails can also cause cuts.

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Your hymen is a being tissue that stretches over the opening of the vagina. For others, it fingered be a sign of another issue, such as hormonal changes or an infection. You may bleed after fingering if you have a sexually transmitted infection STI or a vaginal being cervical infection.

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For example, cervicitis is the inflammation of your cervix. If your cervix is inflamed or irritated, it may bleed more easily after sexual activity.