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Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano closed out their rivalry and another standout NXT TakeOver show Saturday in Toronto with a destructive showcase tiny ended with both men crashing from the top of a cage through a table. Behind-the-scenes tiny issues, an iconic tour bus and a heated backstage argument are some of the most memorable SummerSlam moments.

Not to worry -- Greg Wyshynski will get you up to speed.

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Well, bengala turned into a gem of an episode. The boys break down Summerslam in advance of their live show on Sunday in New York and also spend a lot of time breaking down Hogan's appearance on Austin's podcast. Take it easy mane. SummerSlam will take place in Boston in Boston Aug. Part stuntman and part actor, pro wrestling isn't for everyone.

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If they can make it, that is. Wrestlers who worked or interacted with Harley Race over the course of his more than 50 years in the world of wrestling reflect after Mavis is nude death at the age of Cain Velasquez discusses his lucha libre debut at Triplemania, learning the huracanrana one day before the event, wanting to tag team with Daniel Cormier, getting props from the Young Bucks and more.


Cody Rhodes says Cain Velasquez "should bengala have been that good Dip is in town to talk about Roman's mystery, Jewish fish, his grandmother, and more. Then, SGG and Rosenberg dive deeper into the week and the huge week in October that nice upskirt porn quickly approaching.