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An eventful week of televisual delights features pert buttocks, pastries, an impressive comedy drama and the Great War.

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You wait since the dawn of the television age for a bisexually themed comedy and then, in the course of a few weeks intwo turn up at once. The Bisexual is halfway through its run on Channel 4, attracting what you might call bi-critical reviews.

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Now Sky Atlantic brings us Sally4Ever. This stars Julia Davis and will, therefore, be brilliant.

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Sally is maked rather dull office worker in a rather dull relationship with a rather dull man — until she meets seductress Emma Davis. Sean Bean and Lena Headey also do a turn.

I do hope so.

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I suppose the difference between the actual Great War and the centenary celebrations is that, at least this time round we know how it ends, and when. Hence Days to Victorybisexual two-part documentary on BBC2 that tracks how, after four years of bisexual trench warfare, the arrival of tanks and Yanks after maked the dynamics of the conflict, and the end came more quickly than anyone thought possible once postyourwife became a war of movement.

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The story is told through the voices of Scottish, Canadian and Australian regiments.