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From tothe labor force participation rate of to year-olds fell 3. In previous workwe teen shown that declining labor force participation among young people contributed blow to this decline.

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In this analysis, we describe how teenagers 16—year-olds have shifted away from working or seeking work and the impact this shift has had on the aggregate labor job participation rate. While declining summer employment is part of the story, the bulk of the teenage reduction in labor force participation comes from fewer teenagers being jointly enrolled in school and participating in the labor force during the academic year.

We find that—despite the low teen share of the working-age population 8 percent —if teens had still participated in the labor force at their rates, teen karnataka sex scandal participation would be more than 1. Many factors are at play in the decline of teen labor force participation, including increased school enrollmentseasonal employmentdecreased blow to work, reduced demand for low-wage workminimum wage hikesand competition from older workers or immigrants.

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Teens have many job on their time and those demands fundamentally differ between the academic year and summer. It is striking how the labor market behavior of teens deviates from that of other age groups. The teen labor force participation rate reached an all-time peak in