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Boyscout fuck buddies

First time with Scout Buddy

July 20th, was the day my sex fuck changed. It all started the day I left for a boy Scout summer camp.

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After landing at the airport we got off the plane and boarded our tour bus and made our way to our hotel. My only friend at the time in my troop was a boy named Joey, 19 years old, a little taller than me, beautiful olive tanned skin.

Once we got to the hotel we got our room key.

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It was boyscout that the leadership patrol, consisting of four boys would share a double queen room. We made it up to our room and decided on who shared the beds.

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I of course wanted to share the bed Joey was in. I japanese pussy thumbs packed my flirty angry birds underwear, i loved them, they had wide opening for my legs which buddies return would allow my balls to hang out and could be easily seen.

I had always had a good pair of balls, I un proportionally big compared to my penis, which at the time was only about 5 inches erect.