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In sex positive Germany, millions of teens first learn the ins and outs of flirting, falling in love and having sex in a wildly popular column in Bravo magazine.

Scheana Shay's Boudoir Photos Show Her Sexy Side

Sommer" has been teaching kids how to do it since By Daryl Lindsey. Jahrganggeboren in Napa Valley in Kalifornien. Ask your German friends bravoxxx they first learned about the birds and the bees and nine times out of 10 they'll say the same thing: Bravothat pop-culture, teeny music mag that at first glance looks more like a publicity rag for Tokio Hotel than a periodical for the young and pubescent. But far from merely hinting at sexuality like Tiger Beat or Smash Hits, the German puberty catalyst actually takes its pedagogical sex seriously -- and doesn't shy away from visuals.

Love, Sex and Tenderness: Dr. Sommer, the Birds and the Bees

Lodged between the ads for tampons, zit concealers and mobile phone ring tones is a weekly sex advice column splashed with photos of teenagers, au naturel -- kind of like Penthouse Letters for kids. It's the kind of thing that photo land the publishers in jail were it to hit newsstands on the other side of the Atlantic. If the Christian right or America's comb-over Congress got their hands on this, the courts would be busy for months. But this is sex-positive Germany, bravoxxx the Bible Belt.

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And here there are few taboos when it comes to telling kids where to insert the dipstick should they need to check the oil. The cultural epicenter of this sex-friendly youth society sex "Dr. Sommer," the weekly Bravo naked fist fucking that photo been providing teens with sex advice since its birth during the Summer of Love.