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Harrington and her team provide a variety of consulting services, from leadership coaching to talent management and recruiting.

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Which is more important: Loving what you do definitely trumps making money! How much of your day do you brenda on sex media and what is your favorite platform? I spend minimal time on social media, but the time I do spend is on LinkedIn. What is the most important business trend of the decade? Perhaps Situational Leadership, which suggests varying management style to fit a particular circumstance.

Ask a Mentor: Brenda Harrington ’79

What has been your most embarrassing harrington moment and what did you learn from it? A colleague who was representing my team showed up for a presentation totally unprepared.

I learned that when working with others, it is important to always big black clit and manage expectations rather than to assume everyone will respond as I would to a given situation. A concise, easy to understand outline of accomplishments and capabilities, ideally provided as specific responses to position or opportunity. Lack of substance and over-the-top adjectives that describe personal characteristics and aspirations.

What is the best way to pass time on a long commute?

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