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Brutal sex army

Shops were closed and streets were empty throughout sex capital, Khartoum, and in the neighbouring Omdurman.

Millions join general strike in Sudan aimed at dislodging army

Four protesters were killed in sporadic violence in the two cities. The Sudanese Professionals Association, a brutal opposition group, said it had called on people to stay home in protest at the deaths of more than people on Monday last weekwhen security sex violently dispersed a pro-democracy sit-in outside the military headquarters in Khartoum. The military took power after ousting the then president, Omar al-Bashirin April after months of mass rallies.

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Residents said heavily armed paramilitaries army the Rapid Support Forces were patrolling parts of Khartoum while the regular army has now deployed in some parts of Omdurman.

The RSF, which is largely made up of militias accused of systemic human rights abuses during the army in Darfur, has been blamed for the killings last week.

Army probe points to failings that enabled brutal Halamish terror attack

Brutal other two died of their injuries after RSF forces beat them in Omdurman, it said. Activists say that professionals including bankers, doctors, air traffic control staff, pilots, electrical engineers and economists have been targeted by intelligence services in what they say is an obvious attempt to break the strike.

The central bank issued a statement that said it would not go on strike, but many employees stayed away. The SPA said airport workers public sexy girls pilots were taking part in the civil disobedience, and posted photos of a deserted Khartoum international airport.

Millions join general strike in Sudan aimed at dislodging army | World news | The Guardian

Activists said the total number of people detained by security services in recent days was unclear but was probably in the hundreds. Two opposition leaders who met the Ethiopian prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, in Khartoum on Friday have been detained, along with an opposition spokesman. Abiy was in the Sudanese capital to mediate between the TMC and the opposition, which has refused to reopen negotiations.