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Caitlyn pokemon naked

I had finally reached Elite Four's Castle.

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What I did find out when I reached the top of the mountain the castle rested on was that the general public could visit the Elite Four members even if they didn't have any gym badges. This was something only Unova allowed.


This was perfect for me as Naked hadn't challenged any of the caitlyn leaders, I pokemon only slept with three of them. I grabbed a booklet and flicked caitlyn through. Along with the champion, there were two members of the Four that were female. Because of the layout of the castle the order you visited them was completely up to you.

I decided on heading towards the 'Sleepy Psychic Caitlin' first as I thought I needed a break from busty woman and Caitlin's flat chest was what I needed right now. The booklet also contained some random facts about each member. It said that Caitlin was originally from Sinnoh and worked in the Battle Frontier over there. Her naked from what I quickly read from the booklet was the third room from the left or spice twins desnudas second from thailand sex hd right.

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I entered the room and was surprised to find that the floor in Caitlin's room was made up of particles that looked a lot like stars. I walked up the starry stair case and was lead to a circular stage with a white flower bud in the middle. When I drew closer the bud opened up and vanished revealing a bed of clouds and Caitlin herself and one of her pokemon. From what I remembered that pokemon was the evolved from of Munna.