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A year ago, he was homeless. Today, he owns a residence that farm sex trailers a million-dollar view of the rolling Pacific.

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Or at least it does for 22 hours a day. Between 2 car 4 a.

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During those sex pre-dawn hours, it roams the surrounding residential streets. Before sunrise, though, the van and its owner — Noodle, he calls himself — will return to the beach.

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San Diego City Council repealed an ordinance forbidding overnight stays in parked vehicles, despite the objections of local homeowners. Like any other part of the city, seaside parking lots have good neighbors and bad.

Living on pennies with a million-dollar view: how car campers survive in beach parking lots

Vehicle dwellers have a few common characteristics — virtually all travel with dogs — but this is a varied group. Some hotassteenpics virtually homeless, living parking. Others motor around the country by choice, camping in elaborately tricked-out vans.