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She's made a career out of talking - and looking - like one, so it probably makes sense that Carmen Electra is starring in a movie porns she plays - you guessed it - electra porn star. The former 'Baywatch' beauty and Playboy glamour girl isn't worried about being typecast.

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In fact, she has admitted she's so obsessed with sex that she has it constantly on the brain. And that if she had the time, she would be getting her kit off 24 hours a day. The star said: So, America thinks I'm sex-crazed.

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It's more like eight seconds. That's seven times a minute, times an hour, nearly 11, times a day. Doesn't make her sound like deeply absorbed thespian, does it?

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But the year-old actress - who shot to fame as 'Baywatch' lifeguard Lani McKenzie between and - has officially ditched her red swimsuit in a bid to be taken as a serious actress. After becoming a household name, Electra has been snubbed by 'Baywatch' bosses who haven't offered her a cameo in the big screen adaptation of the show.

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Not that carmen bothers the wannabe phoebe price naked star. And now she's hooked.