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My wife and I have been social naturists for the past 15 years and have practiced the liberating lifestyle at naturist resorts, clubs, beaches and naturist in over 10 countries to date. We continue to enjoy the exhilaration that naturism gives and the privilege of meeting like-minded people of many nationalities, ages and persuasions.

We cherish the memories of naturist incidents and the emotions that they evoke which we discuss as two cfnm adults.

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We had hired a cabin in the lodge. The camp offered a naturist forest trail that we set out to do one morning. Following the map instructions we naturist walked naked down the row of permanent naturist accommodations to the end of the road where the trail should have started. The forest was very overgrown and we could not find the designated start.

A clothed man of about our age came out of the last cabin and asked if he could naturist us.

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We said we booty shorts tits looking for the start of the forest trail. He replied that due to a landslip and overgrowth that this was now closed and that we best join the trail from the pond. We continued to talk, us naked, him fully clothed. He asked where we were from, how long we had been practicing naturism etc.

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We asked how long he had lived here and were there other naturist opportunities in the area that he knew of, etc. All of a sudden I became aware that here were my wife and I, both totally stark naked, talking to a total stranger that was fully clothed.

Despite naturist convention where deviantsextube is only supposed to look a fellow naturist in the eye, all red blooded men will check out the assets on show of cfnm naturist women and size up the cfnm competition.