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Cheerleader red head

Teen Red Head Cheerleader.

A redhead cheerleader goes to Betty's high school sasuke yaoi porno makes fun of Betty. In a high school bathroom, the redhead student and two other girls degradingly head about Betty. The cheerleaders think Betty would make red terrible addition to the squad. Their talk turns to the upcoming homecoming dance which the redhead thinks has a lame theme and the kegger planned for after.

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Gradually, the redhead student's face appears to be disfigured, and the brown-haired and black-haired students are frightened and run out of the bathroom, calling for help. The redhead student also leaves the bathroom, horrified. Together again, they are shocked to learn that the lesions have all disappeared. The day after Crash is found insane in the boy's locker room, the cheerleader and black-haired cheerleaders meet one of Crash's buddies, a black-haired jockin the high school parking lot.

The redhead cheerleader asks if cheerleader heard about what happened to Crash.

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Later, the redhead cheerleader is again in the girl's bathroom with the brown-haired and black-haired cheerleaders. The redhead cheerleader comments that Crash was kinda cute, not as hot as Matthew Foxbut not bad. Bettydisguised as Malloryenters the girl's bathroom. The head cheerleader comments that Mallory has "righteous gams" and suggests that she try out for the squad next month, but Betty decides she can't take it anymore and all but declines.

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The black-haired jock is talking with the redhead, black-hairedbrown-hairedand red cheerleaders.