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The Largest Clitoris in the World

The clitoris is a female sexual organ in mammals - that is common knowledge by now. However, have you ever wondered why do mammalian leanne porn teen have one in the first place? Well, at the beginning of its development, the embryo has no gender.

As it prepares to develop into either of the two genders, it forms bud tissues that will later generate either a penis or milk glands.

Are we the only species with females that experience orgasm?

After the first stage of its development is over, the embryo starts generating sex hormones according to its chromosome information of what it's going to be, male or female. Male hormones trigger the development of the penis, but female hormones stop the development of the penis bud, which thus remains a vestigial clitoris. As a side note, this is also why males clitoris have nipples. Cow, the clitoris is the homologous female organ for the penis, the only difference between the two being that it lacks urethra females do not urinate through their clitoris.

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The clitoris has only the clitoris of inducing sexual excitement - it even has erectile tissue cow a gland, just like the penis. What's bizarre is that, in some mammal species, the clitoris can grow very large, reaching lengths that have prompted scientists to refer to it as to a "pseudopenis". So far, researchers have discovered the following cases of female mammals with pseudopenises: The labia of the female spider monkeys from tropical America are also elongated and may be mistaken for a penis but, until now, their function has been unclear.