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Colombia teen mothers see getting pregnant 'synonymous with protection'

The weekend felt like an eternity for the year-old. So when she handed back her "robot baby" it was with great relief.

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She had taken part in a program launched colombia the Caldas teen in Colombia to try to tackle the problem of colombia pregnancies. On top of that, the baby never stops crying and you've got to look after it all the time," she added.

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The baby -- a rubber doll with built-in software -- cries when it wants to be fed, have its diaper changed or simply needs a cuddle. It's a voluntary program launched in schools by the Caldas municipality, just outside Medellin, in a bid to reduce the high level of teenage pregnancies in the town of 78, The initiative has been used in at least 89 other countries and is being included in the local authority's social project that includes workshops and sex education classes. When the program began inthe municipality registered pregnancies of girls agedwhich was down to last year, Sanchez said.


More teen girlfriends upskirt 1, teenagers have taken classes in Caldas, where almost 15 percent of the population is aged In Colombia as a whole, a fifth of babies born in were to mothers agedthe national statistics bureau said. Teen robot babies are programmed to behave according to a specific age.