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Democratic Republic of Congo

My profile Contribute Logout. France 24 blurred the image. Three videos containing footage of brutal scenes of violence in the DR Congo have been widely circulating online in the past few days. The France 24 Observers team has verified one of these videos, which shows a teenage girl with terrible injuries writhing on the ground. Though she was unarmed, the girl had just been shot by soldiers who suspected her of being lara love porn congo of the Kamuina Nsapu rebel group.

In Congo, Teen Girls Who Can't Afford School Are Joining Armed Groups

He witnessed the scene. This incident took place on January 27, right by the administrative buildings of the provincial government. On that day, the prime minister, Samy Badibanga, was scheduled to visit but the militants from Congo Nsapu were opposed to his coming, which sexteenanal pics cancelled in the end.

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This accord, which was signed by the government and the opposition, includes provisions for the naming of a new prime minister from the opposition to lead the transition government, which is supposed teen be established teen of the elections set for the end of the year.

All of the young people were wearing red headbands.