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Katelnikoff is a model, so yes, the photos on her Instagram are of a sexy nature.

Alex Jones sent Sandy Hook victims files with child sexual abuse images, say lawyers

Some of them are of her pretty much sex the nude, and the CBC reported that one now deleted photo featured her on railroad tracks, and others show her with whips and similar BDSM tools. This is actually the second time that Katelnikoff has been let go from the railway company in a high-profile manner.

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InFamosas asiendo sexo was at the controls of a train when it derailed in Banffshe was dismissed from her job as a result. Katelnikoff took her wrongful dismissal case to arbitration and won.

Legal Considerations for Child Pornography Cases

It was found that Katelnikoff was actually fired for filing a sexual harassment complaint against a fellow employee and that a faulty galleries was responsible for the derailment. During this time, Katelnikoff has made her grievances with the company well known in several social media posts as well as a YouTube video.

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She states that this most likely played into their decision as well. When I got dismissed, they blanketed everything together and said I was being dismissed for my inappropriate social media content.

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So I'm not sure what of my content they've deemed appropriate and inappropriate," she told the CBC.