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Degrading cum

Kelly, He was really hot and extremely successful and I was just sort of a 19 year old mess still learning how to have sex.

17 People Confess The Most Sexually Degrading Thing They’ve Ever Done (That They Totally Loved)

Because he knew I was so young and undeserving of his attention he would make me wear a collar and leash and crawl around in his office while he told me commands. He degrading to make me beg for his dick and when he decided I was worthy of it he would rub the tip of his penis against my lips and slap it against my face, finally letting me taste it after awhile.

It was so fucked up but also really hot.

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We would play games degrading that for a few months til he found another undergrad to cum around. I still think about him from time to cum. Karissa, Maybe too into it.

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When we would go out he would tell me about girls he thought were attractive and I would tell him what I wanted him to do to them. Eventually though, he started telling me about why those girls were better than me — physically, sexually, etc.

Degraded with cum...

He would go over and talk to them, flirt with them, sometimes exchange numbers. Then he would come back and tell me about it. Eventually though, it got to be too much and I had to break teenearly free pics with him.

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Great sex but not a healthy relationship.