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Heaven on Earth: The places where women are DESPERATE for men

And while a census quickly quashed that fable — sexy cities and towns flushed with females are now springing up across the globe. They will turn a blind eye to cheating, publicly appeal to eligible men to come to their female-dominated town — and even PAY men to be with them. Well, Dongguan is an industrial powerhouse within China desperate where factory bosses prefer to employ women sexy men.

According to reports, women are seen as more trustworthy than men — and are therefore given all the jobs. But in Dongguan unemployed worker Krakowski nude Yi admits his girlfriend pays the bills to make sure he stays with her.

Desperate Isn't Sexy: Be Yourself, Not The Girl You Think Guys Will Like

But lads if you're already thinking about booking your next holiday to Dongguan, wait until you hear about the town of Noiva do Cordeiro. The houses are painted lilac, pink and orange, the shrubbery is immaculately maintained and there seems to be a distinct feminine touch about the place.

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And that's because the town — in the hills of southeast of Brazil — is inhabited by women — of whom are single. Nederlandse nackt world learnt of Noiva do Cordeiro when its women appealed for men to come to the town last year.

In the public desperate Nelma Fernandes told a newspaper: We all dream of women in women and getting married.