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Draw a nude

Nude Poses

To achieve a good piece of work you will need to work slowly creating multiple layers. There are no shortcuts in this demonstration, no 'quick-fixes' You will find that every videowomen black xesy minute or hour!

Selection of sexyoutubenight For this demonstration, I am using a selection of Derwent Coloursoft pencils. Their softness allows more surface blending and richness of colour. You can also create your own with a sheet of hot draw smooth surfaced watercolour paper with a wash of colour.

Thousands of life drawing pose photos

I have chosen the terracotta paper colour to match to a warm skin tone, this will allow a unity to the finished piece and will really help us to create the softness of the skin surface. Any warm colour can be used from creams, tan, oranges and warm browns. Pencil sharpener, putty eraser, electric eraser, embossing craft tool, colourless blending pencil. This reference photograph comes from the reference photographs in my Life Drawing Course on ArtTutor. I have enhanced the colours in the reference nude by increasing both the shadow values and the highlights.

Try and be as accurate as you can in planning the piece and drawing lightly and with a clean line.