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Drunk girlfriend

Most of us might even opt to go to sleep with it on but considering the horror storieswe really advise drunk doing that. One woman who was wearing fake eyelashes on a night out luckily had someone to help her take them off when she crashed out.

Every Girlfriend Does These Things when She Is Drunk

Keani Babas, who is from Guam, revealed on Twitter that her boyfriend Peter managed to put her false lashes away for her, even labelling them left drunk right — handy for next use. However, for some styles which fan out towards the outer edge, it is important to place lashes on the correct side.

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And if girlfriend do plan on using them again, sanitise use a cotton bud with rubbing alcohol to clean and store them properly. Man dumps woman because she covered her acne with makeup and says he nasty sew porn catfished.

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