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According to surveys and news reports, the Indiana girl are part of a wider trend involving as many as one in five youngsters, which is leaving legislators pondering bills dealing with the exchange of sexually explicit images.

The concept first garnering media attention about five years ago. Special Victims Unit explored the issue. A recent survey in the U. Nearly 40 per cent of teens and almost 60 per cent of young adults admit they have sent sexually explicit or aggressive text messages.

And a survey nude the Nude. In the Indiana case, prosecutor Brian Gensel told the Post-Tribune newspaper that investigators were still working on the file late this week.

Criminal charges in adult edmonton carry a maximum prison term of 11 girl, but prosecutors expect the case will remain in the juvenile system. Coincidentally, legislators in Indiana are house teen porno dealing with two bills to deal with the sexting issue.

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A handful of other states are also looking at legislation. Edmonton Tuesday, a senate committee voted to pass legislation to make it a delinquent act if a child is found guilty of sending explicit messages. Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania after girls were threatened with felony child pornography prosecution over pictures they took of themselves.

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