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Ella cruz breast

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Ella Cruz Birth Data

Boy Viral. Home Disclaimer About Archive Contact. Incredibly Sexy! Admin 8: Twerk It Like Miley is one of the most lactating voyeur songs when it comes to performing nowadays. One of the most watched versions of this song is the one performed by Maja Salvador who is dubbed as the Philippines' Twerk Queen.

Ella Cruz and Julian Trono movie to launch soon

Since this song invaded the country, many people had been doing their own versions and now, Ella Ella proved that she could definitely Twerk as well. Her sick moves totally claimed the song. She did the performance along with the choreography Macky Quiobe. Their excellent performance showed that you can be wholesome and sexy at the same time. Ella Cruz showed her breast as well as her viewers that she more than a pretty face and an amazing actress. The dance moves that cruz made also showcased that she is an incredible dancer as well.

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