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Enema humor

January 5, AIMS. Take a few minutes to enjoy this hilarious collection of some of the best medical humor the internet has to offer. These are pretty useful for cracking a joke nacked porn men a party or at workor simply looking enema a joke to break the ice.

Little Enema: Hysterical Get Well Jumbo Paper Greeting Card

What will happen to her? A sign on a cosmetic surgery clinics says: Does an apple a day keep the doctor away? Only if you aim it well enough. The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian. Gut Health Shirt Coffee Enema Humor: Clothing

Did you hear about the optometrist that fell into his lens grinding machine? He made a spectacle of himself. My favorite is a true story. When I introduced myself as the on-call neurologist, the very southern-sounding nurse loudly exclaimed:.

65 Ridiculously Funny Medical Jokes You Can't Handle

Do you remember this song? A group of physicians are duck hunting. The intern sees a duck, aims his rifle, leads the duck with his first shot, trails it with his next shot and hits with his third.