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Inphotographer and self-described "Uppity Fatty" Substantia Jones started the Adipositivity project, which "aims to promote the acceptance of benign human size variation and encourage discussion of body politics," by publishing images of women, men, and couples of larger proportions.

Substantia Jones's Body-Positive Photos of 'Fat' People

The idea is described on her website as "part fat, part fat, part 'fuck you. I recently talked to Substantia about body positivity nude chubby people the ins and outs of her photographic practice. How do you find people models? Substantia Jones: I'll occasionally ask someone if they're interested in dropping through for my camera, but mostly people contact me, asking me to photograph them.

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Model search isn't really a part of the equation. How do you approach them?

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Not every women bareback person is an "out" fat person—unapologetic and openly accepting of the place their body occupies on the spectrum of benign human variation. The word fat is a morally neutral descriptor, while overweight is a term of judgment, and obese pathologizes that which is naturally occurring.

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So approaching a stranger with a pronouncement about their body—any pronouncement about their body—is likely to be unwelcome. And being naked nudity the internet is a big decision. I don't want to talk anybody out of their pants.