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Fast forward to and we have a wealth of social media platforms, our phones can make videos, take photographs and connect us to the naked world through the hot blondes lesbeins, and every other person in the fitness industry describes themselves as a fitness model!

I see young women coming into the industry, eager to get noticed, and falling into a trap. There are amazing opportunities and ways to develop a career in the fitness industry.

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Just stop it, no buts definitely no butts or maybes. Swap selfies nxnnsex fuck quick instructional exercise videos.

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The male narrative on training sounds more like fit war zone. Your clients are terrified by this language even if your peers pretend to find it motivating. Quit with the swearing on social media naked, even if society seems relaxed about women swearing in face-to-face discussions it rarely translates to the written word well.

5 Ways Women Can Get Famous in Fitness Without Getting Naked

Swap the bro talk for a narrative that is authentic to you as a woman. They understand how we can be moved to tears or laugh out loud at something we read.

We connect emotionally to the language. The art of selling is all in the seduction, and selecting the right words for your audience unlocks the secrets to success.

Women's Health - Fitness, Nutrition, Sex, and Weight Loss Tips for Women

We have the power to halt this negative relationship women have with their bodies right now. Swap talking about physical appearances and what the body looks like and instead shift the focus fit what our bodies can female, starting with you! Celebrate strength, speed, power, female flexibility; promote sport, team activities and fun competitions.