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Sex and porn aren't exactly readily discussed topics in the Arab world, but that hasn't stopped some ambitious Arabs from completely ignoring cultural taboos and finding success in the adult film industry.

While most of us have sex of former Ftv porn star Mia Khalifathere are a lot of other Arabs working in adult entertainment. Zeina Heart is originally from Tunisia. Born in the U. She has performed in several porn films and features on several American pornographic sites.

16 Arab porn stars you probably didn't know about

Antonio Suleiman is a Syrian adult performer and filmmaker who left Syria soon after the war started in the country. He eventually sought asylum in Germany. After his attempts at finding paid work bestteenvideo, he found an opportunity in the porn industry. He has since appeared lebnan several adult films. French-Moroccan Jasmine Arabia was born in in Morocco. She is an actress, director, nude moan girls producer of Films X.

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