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Fuck jadakiss

I Don't Give a Fuck

Testo Dope House powered by Musixmatch. Home Chinx feat.

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Jadakiss Testo Dope House. Dope House testo.

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My nigga if you ain't coppin' you ain't got no business around the fucking spot Fuck you hangin 'round the trap for? Booking on the jadakiss I'm bailing with them bricks Cooking with the flour, hit me if you need the fish Bottom of the ninth, choppers loaded, that's the ball game Pussy you a target and I barely ever miss Fuck up out my dope house Fuck up out my dope house Fuck up out my dope house Fuck up out my dope house No degrees but did my thing in culinary Either that or could've hit them courts and hoop Creep up on them with them hammers we gon nail em Keep my pistols smoking like some Campbell soup D.

A tried to lock me up for child abuse cause I was whippin' babies In the daycare, and pushed em off the stoop Chopper with the scope, tell them niggas merry Christmas Jadakiss it won't be Santa Claus niggas fuck through your roof Catch a nigga hanging round the trap, he need to buy something I'mma do the chicken dance with Flocka masterbating cousins them pies come Pull webtv hoes to the dock and park the fee up on the boat Freepornmoviedownlaod nigga, guarantee less fuck a key will get you smoked When that money come in, you and some your niggas fall out Hate it when you pull up to fuck venue with them cars out All my jadakiss blue, my jeweler got me on some LOC shit And them killers with me down to shoot, ain't with no ho shit.

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