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To be honest, I think I prefered the previous lead image Image: Artful nude. Its not a clear choice however; the first more tasteful, but is smaller and from www.

The second is larger, by a Wikipedian, has an explicit license and is perhaps less pretentious. Graphic and potentially disturbing images.

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All those who think we shouldn't be creating blanket rules for censorship of Wikipedia, feel free to vote with me. Wikipedia is beginning to be peppered with photos that belong in " Playboy " etc.

No moral person can accept ashley harkleroads pussy possible consequences of this development.

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Please express your views at: Village pump policy Nudity full frontal pictures in an encyclopedia? IZAK Though I really don't frontal only females are depicted in all of the pictures. This detail popped into my head while reading and sort of distracted me from nudefemales purpose of the article Both males and females prefer images of nude females on average, so thats probably why.

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I'll ad thumb px Michelangelo's David.