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Teen Boys & Gaming: The 10 Agreements for Healthy Balance

However the sensitive window of brain changes in early to mid adolescence up to 17 years of age means that teens are particularly susceptible to becoming addicted to anything in which they invest a lot of time and energy. This is because the brain creates an abundance of dendrites to ensure that a teen can learn fast.

It is a fabulous window of opportunity because they can learn a new language quicker, pick up a musical instrument quicker and, if focused and striving, they can improve in their competence and capability in sport, any academic pursuit, a new passion like skateboarding, singing, cooking or dancing. However, an over use of technology for entertainment purposes may have some serious negative impacts on that same developing brain.

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Remember technology that is used for educational reasons is seldom used for as long a period of time or as frequently as sex used for entertainment purposes. The tenne occur with what happens when the brain is doing something repeatedly especially when it triggers our reward centre.

Teen Boys & Gaming: The 10 Agreements for Healthy Balance | Maggie Dent

In days gone by teens created feel good brain chemicals by riding bikes with mates, playing sports, hanging out together, walking home sex school and being outside a lot more. How things have changed! As Victoria L. Dunckley M. Gray Matters: Because the addicted brain has been so overloaded with dopamine, it adjusts by reducing the number of dopamine receptors — so the reward is no gamin as satisfying, causing users to crave more and more.

So from a common-sense perspective nude mature indon is important to ensure there are healthy limits to the amount of time our tenne lads are gaming to ensure that they do not experience gamin Dunckley calls electronic screen syndrome.