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Are you considering getting intimate with a Gemini man? Allison banks anal Gemini man in general; needs stimulation almost constantly in his life. His sex life is no different.

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He craves to have pleasure in new and innovative ways. This nude him open to try new things.

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The thing is; he wants to do it all the time. The funny thing is; he talks a lot about sex but seems to not have much of it unless the right woman blows his mind in the sack. What do I mean?

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Innuendos are his absolute favorite. However; when gemini comes down to it; he is one that can take it or leave it. He really digs this sort of lifestyle as it keeps things fresh for him. He will still need other forms of sexual excitement though.

Gemini Man and Sex: What you Need to Know

He already is probably a gamer of sorts anyway so why not integrate games into the bedroom. Try role playing in bed. This can include feathers, masks, or other items that make men seem more taboo and risky.