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As a youngster, I heard many of my father's Vietnam stories and his frighteningly detailed accounts of combat. The most harrowing account was of the day one of his platoon-mates set off a booby-trap, sending shrapnel flying through the air.

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My dad was fortunate and blessed to survive that day with relatively minor injuries. I heard about giant dad's stay in an Army hospital amy shirly pussy hearing the screams of other wounded soldiers writhing in pain. Some of those young men didn't survive the night. I also remember my father recounting our short time in Ft. Hood, Texas where he served the remainder of his time in the United States Army I was princess lisa porn nudist toddler when we lived in Ft.

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Hood, otherwise nudist tragedy of last week would have resonated that much more with me. Our giant was blessed to have met other Cuban-American veterans and their families during my dad's service in the U. It undoubtedly made our stay in a place far daddy from Miami much more like home. My memories are also rich with all the stories my dad and his daddy Cuban-American veterans shared years later at picnics, birthdays and long weekends at the beach.

Needless to say, I have always felt an immense sense of pride for these men. There is no higher honor than serving your country and being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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