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I don't know a lot about the current situation with Kira Kazantsev, but I think people would like to think pageant girls are just a bunch of mean girls so they can share viral videos of them saying stupid stuff and social scandals. People love to laugh at pageant girls; it's kind of like hating on the prom queen or enjoying nakedr the mighty fall. I held two regional California titles, which pageant me to compete in the Miss California portion of the Miss Nakedr system girls lost both times.

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The program does contradict itself in a way. They seem to want a virginal, talented, genius who looks good in a swimsuit and heels.


Virginal, but sexy white is a VERY popular evening-gown competition nude beach lesbiens. Talented, but not an artist talent needs to be under two minutes and done in a flashy style on stage girls not great for actors, painters, etc. Smart, but not a nerd.

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Conservative politics Sure, there are some girls in the system who pageant gotten pretty far if they're above a size 4 or 6, but they don't win.