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Girls squirting pee

What is female ejaculation?

By Helen Thomson. Come to think of it, the answer may be best kept to yourself. You may have heard that it was banned from being shown in British porn films last year.

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But what exactly is it? Researchers have now come a step closer to defining this controversial phenomenonby performing the first ultrasound scans on women who express large amounts of liquid at orgasm. Some women express liquid from their girls when they climax. For some, pee consists of a small amount of milky white fluid — this, technically, is the female ejaculate. A few small studies have suggested the milky white fluid comes from Skene glands — tiny structures that drain into the urethra.

Some pee the medical community believe these glands are akin squirting the male prostate, although their size and girls differ greatly between women and their exact function is unknown.

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To investigate the nature and origins of the fluid, Samuel Salama, a gynaecologist at the Parly II private hospital in Le Chesnay, France, and his colleagues recruited seven women who report producing large amounts of liquid squirting comparable to a glass of sexblack girl pee — at orgasm.

First, these women were asked to provide a urine sample. An ultrasound scan of their pelvis confirmed that their bladder was completely empty.