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Far and away the scariest sexual attraction in the history of skinema aside from the homoerotic twinges pricked by watching too many episodes of Ozesteemed thespian Glenn Close created the template for the psycho-bitch girlfriend with her cloae in the immorality tale Fatal Attraction In the course of this intense unsafe-sex cautionary tale, Nude bares her perfectly serviceable chest sacks, her fully adequate butt globes, and an glen hunger that is akin to the ravening of piranhas or vampires or starved she-beasts in estrus.

The Academy-acclaimed redbone babes titty treats are presented with more demure manners in The World According to GarpThe Big Chilland Jagged Edgebut skinventurers yearning to live dangerously still swear by Fatal. Albert Nobbs - as Albert Nobbs.

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Fatal Attraction - as Alexandra "Alex" Forrest. Jagged Edge - as Teddy Barnes. The Big Chill - as Sarah Cooper. Damages - as Patty Hewes.

Glenn Close nude

A History of Us - as Eliza Andrews. The Shield - as Capt. Monica Rawling. Made with love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved.