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Goya nude maja

The Nude Maja was the first in a two painting series, the second of which was The Clothed Maja, respectively. It is said to be the first painting in which female pubic hair is visible, making it totally profane at the time. Many art historians agree that the model was a compilation of many female figures.

The Clothed Maja and The Nude Maja by Goya

The Nude Maja Spanish: It portrays a nude woman reclining on a bed of pillows, and was probably maja by Manuel de Godoy, to hang in his private collection in a separate cabinet reserved for nude goya.

Goya created a pendant of the same woman identically posed, but clothed, known today as La maja nude The Clothed Maja goya also in the Prado, it is usually hung next to La maja desnuda.

The subject is identified as a maja based on her costume in La maja vestida. The painting is renowned for indian virgin pics straightforward and unashamed gaze of the model towards the viewer.

It has also been cited as among the earliest Western nude to depict a nude woman's pubic hair without obvious negative connotations such as in images of prostitutes.

With this work Goya not only upset the ecclesiastical authorities, but also titillated the public and extended the artistic horizon of the maja.

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